About Avinash Aerial Platforms India Pvt Ltd…

Let’s brief about the company Avinash Aerial Platforms India Pvt Ltd has organized by Mr. Avinash 10 years back and officially registered it to serve high profile clients also as per client’s buildings requirements.

The company equipped with best and most experienced workforce, our team comprising of a highly qualified professionals with over 10 years experience in all form of vertical access in India especially south India. Our engineers have great installation and maintenance knowledge in building maintenance units about 10 years and to serve better and work with high profile clients also we registered it

We deal completely with the Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Building Maintenance Units & Window cleaning system. All our material meets the growing challenges of maintaining strict quality standards which are necessary to make sure reliability, durability and of course safety. This has made us utmost preferred vendor for work at height solutions in India. Hence, the correct product knowledge of Avinash Aerial Platforms India Pvt Ltd Company, guarantees its clients, the most appropriate technical solutions that meet all relevant quality standards and safety regulations.


We believe that working at height should be safe and simple. Hence, our top priority is always delivering building access solutions to the highest possible standards of safety ,from initial design and manufacture to installation and maintenance.

Our main motto is providing best solution and professional service to clients, at affordable rates. Avinash Aerial Platforms Company façade solutions are developed in accordance with clients need and requirements.


Where others see a problem, we see an opportunity, a challenge, a possibility. We meet challenges with daring enthusiasm and optimism. And whenever something seems impossible, we will look for a way to make it possible.  Because every problem has a solution.

At Avinash Aerial Platforms India Pvt Ltd Company, we find creative and innovative solutions that make working at heights safer and easier.


We believe that everyone who works at heights deserves absolute safety, whether you are doing maintenance work on a roof or cleaning the façade windows. Safety is at the center of everything Avinash Aerial Platforms India Pvt Ltd Company produce and the company is constantly reviewing its safety features and policies in order to continue providing valuable safety programs as part of the ongoing development of our products.


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